Can’t Afford to Keep Up with the Joneses? Unique Travel Agency Offers One Solution.

June 28, 2013

by Derrick Chapelle

For many people, today’s economic downturn means the days of taking a family vacation are long gone. Getting time off of work (if you are still lucky enough to have a job), having enough funds to travel and finding someone to take care of your dog while you’re away can be frustrating!

Tired of seeing your bosses’ pictures of all the fabulous vacations they have been on?  Are you sick of seeing high rollers roll out of town on three-day weekends with boats and ATVs in tow?  Are you sick of Facebook friends of friends posting pictures and making comments about their exciting trips to Europe?

Well, worry no more!  At Short Budget Vacation Travel (SBVT) they understand that EVERYBODY deserves a family vacation no matter what their bank balance says! SBVT has a budget vacation for everyone!  With vacation plans starting as low as $5.00 and ranging upwards of $20 per person, taking a vacation just got much more affordable.

With Short Budget Vacation Travel, you don't actually have to go to Paris to impress your friends.

With Short Budget Vacation Travel, you don’t actually have to go to Paris to impress your friends.

How does SBVT keep its rates so low? Downsized Living news correspondent Jill Brittner did some digging. Here is a short transcript of her interview with Jack Johnson, CEO of SBVT:

Jill Brittner: Isn’t it true, Mr. Johnson, that your customers don’t actually physically travel anywhere when they book a vacation through your agency?

Jack Johnson: Yes, our customers don’t physically go anywhere, but they have the time of their lives planning their trip and then sharing their Photoshopped pictures with their friends and family. It’s not hurting anybody!

Jill Brittner: You are admitting that your company is a sham?

Jack Johnson:  If you call making peoples’ vacation dreams come true for a fraction of what a real vacation costs, then call it a sham. But we have a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate; how many travel companies do you know that can produce those kinds of numbers?

Ms. Brittner was going to track down thousands of SBVT customers until she found 39-year-old J.R., who was willing to speak to her anonymously. “Yeah, I’ve booked three or four family vacations through SBVT over the last year.  All of my Facebook friends are totally jealous of my vacations! I even posted a picture of myself and my 5- year-old-son climbing Mt. Fuji last summer. They couldn’t believe it,” he said proudly.

So there you have it. SBVT is sweeping the nation! But the company does more than just Photoshop pictures of you and your family on luxurious vacations. Sales agent Mindy Tyson said, “We have a plan for every family! Our premium vacation plan includes tweets and Instagram photos at no additional charge. You can really make your dream vacation a reality.”

All Downsized Living blog posts are fictitious and satirical. Any resemblance to real persons is coincidental and unintentional.

Image credit: iStock Photo


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