Local Carpenter Thrilled to Work on Billionaire’s Third Mansion

June 20, 2013

by Jason Brick

John Dresden, a master carpenter with the Union Brotherhood of Carpenters Chapter #231, was pleased yesterday to receive a job doing framing, paneling and custom cabinets for a 17-room mansion overlooking Lake Placid, New York. The job came after 11 consecutive months of unemployment.

“I’m so glad to have the work,” Mr. Dresden told reporters in an interview Monday. “After the housing and credit crashes, nobody was building homes. We’d burned through our savings and credit cards. My wife works part-time at Walmart, but that and the odd jobs I could pick up really weren’t cutting it. Thank God for Luther Martingale.”

Mr. Martingale, a retired real estate broker on the boards of several international lending banks, agrees. “I love Lake Placid Lodge. It’s an exclusive resort with the best powder in the region. The rooms there are spectacular, but it can get a little crowded during peak season. My kids and I needed a home away from home for our ski vacations.”

Construction of Nightingale, an 8,000 square foot mansion, will bring at least 100 jobs to the Lake Placid community.

Construction of Nightingale, an 8,000 square foot mansion, will bring at least 100 jobs to the Lake Placid community.

The mansion, called Nightingale, covers 8,000 square feet and includes a 14-car garage and state-of-the-art gaming center. Nightingale’s principal value lies in the more than $3 million its construction is pumping into the local economy. “Of course, I’d like a bigger house,” Martingale remarked. “But times are tough these days, and there’s always that new tax law Congress keeps threatening. Rates on capital gains could increase to almost half the rate of payroll tax. Still, it’s worth it. Sometimes I just have to get away from Manhattan, and my other home in Hawaii is too far away.”

Union leader Troy McNeill is happy about the 100 jobs the project is providing to the community. “The mansion’s construction employs as many as 20 carpenters at a time. Most make the union scale of 19 bucks an hour, but the detail work on Nightingale’s cabinets and staircase is high-end. Those guys get $25 an hour, not including benefits. That’s what teachers make around here.”

John Dresden plans to resume payments on his 1,200 square foot ranch-style home near a water treatment plant and hopes to stop selling his plasma. “I might even be able to stop borrowing money from my parents,” he said, teary-eyed with gratitude at the new opportunity. “Dad’s had to delay retirement for a few years because of the market crash, and even longer from helping me out. I’m just so glad for Martingale.”

Mr. McNeill couldn’t agree more. “It’s just great to see one of those people I used to call fat cats giving back to the community. You don’t get much more of that anymore, you know?”

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